Saturday, October 29, 2011

Orange Bike Gets Turned On It's Side

Here is  another painting that was going in an unknown direction.  I started with a bicycle and a couple of crows.  I wrote in my last posting that I was going for a new approach to composition and a looser paint style.  Add to that spontaneity.  Everyone likes spontaneity,  don't they..?
PHASE ONE One bicycle and two crows.  This was a good start, but after this things got a bit muddy and I put it aside for a few days.
PHASE THREE  I got rid of the crows, added another bike, and I did something I never did before,   I turned the painting on it's side.  Things started to get interesting.   Sometimes you need to change your perspective.
PHASE FOUR I added some nice harvest yellow.  It is actually a drop of Old Holland paint.  It's a premium paint that cost, depending on the color and average of $13-$89 for 1.25 oz.  It is uber paint.  It over powered the whole color scheme.  It looks like a beacon in the upper middle area. 
PHASE FIVE I scraped the whole thing off.  The colors from the layers below surfaced, quite nicely.
FINISHED  FOR NOW  I hung it back in the original horizontal direction.  It is pretty loose, which is what I was aiming for. I really let go with the composition by turning it on it's side for a while.   I think that Phases three, four, and five look pretty good here, but in person this one is the best...for now.

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