Monday, July 30, 2012


This guy, I don't know why I assume it is a "guy," was the Steve Jobs of seagulls at J.V. Fitzgerald Marine Reservation, in Moss Landing.  

This seagull reminded me of Steve Jobs.  There were a number of similarities.  First of all he was so willing to risk all for what he wanted, which was our eggy lunch.  This proves him not only driven, but also a terrible cannibal just like Steve.  Okey, Steve wasn't literally a cannibal, but he admitted he was all for it, figuratively... speaking. 

Also, like Steve, Fatty was vocal, emotional, crazy and he had a "reality distortion field."  He believed that he could eat out of our hands and we wouldn't reach out our other hand, and wring his scrawny neck.  Most of all, he made us believe this too and well... he was right.  This made him the most successful seagull, ever.

Makiko loves to sit in a tree.
These ladies, (I'm giving females equal time), are out here all the time.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Makiko's Bunny Love

This is a mash up painting of Makiko and 45th Avenue.  Both subjects were battling it out and Makiko finally won, of course.  
Beginning Sketch

PHASE 3 Little bit of rain.
PHASE 4 A lot more rain.

FINAL PHASE "Makiko Land" 30"x30" oil on canvas. 
I muted out 45th Avenue and worked on rendering Makiko.

Monday, July 16, 2012

More Birds For The San Pablo Show

"On Stop" 6"x6" oil on canvas

I am working on more paintings of demonized birds and a stop sign, to go into my up coming show with Jhina Alvarado and Scott Inguito at the San Pablo Gallery.  We are calling it "Machines, Muses and Memories." When we came up with this theme, Jhina was, and still is, painting her "Forgotten Memories" series, so that is still right in theme.  Scott was painting El Caminos, perfect car images,  and I WAS painting vehicles; semis, motorcycles, bikes and my muse dog Elmo.

I have veered a bit out of theme,  doing birds and a stop sign... whoops.  I am working on some larger bikey images with seagulls that I have to finish for the show.  Hopefully it will all tie together, somehow.  In an case these little pieces are a bit of a stretch.

For now, the stop sign implies vehicles and the perhaps the birds incite memories and the fear of poop on cars, more vehicular references....  Ok, I am grasping.  
"Winged" 6"x6" oil on canvas

"Flirt" 6"x6" oil on canvas

"On Break" 6"x6" oil on canvas

13831 San Pablo Ave, Maple Hall, Bldg 4 San Pablo, CA
August 11-September 9
Check it out and bring your friends.

I have a piece accepted into the Art For Aids Auction.  Hope someone bids on it.  It is the first in the abstract collage series, that "Derailleur" was from. 

"Orange Bike" 16"x24" oil on panel

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Art Is Alive-Sale On Mars

I got a call yesterday, that someone, (a very discerning person I predict), wanted to buy my painting "Derailleur" 24"x24" oil on canvas.  It is one of four from one of my most challenging, for me, series.  I will miss it.  It is bittersweet.  It has gone.  WAH!!!
I will take it as a sign that I need to get back to this series.  It sorta sets my heart on fire. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Madness

A piece that my High School friend Steve Craig, (steve makes noise) gave me over 30 years ago.  I thought it was such a weird item that I dragged it around with me all over Long Beach and San Francisco.  Somehow it wound up in Mildred's garage.
Partners in Crime

This has been a turbulent summer, so far.  After two years of longing, my daughter Makiko got her wish to stay with my mom, Mildred, in LA, all by herself... without me.   I knew what Makiko and my mom were up to.  I envisioned a lot of illicit behavior, like watching "Mama Mia four times in a row, till 2 in the morning and unbridled Dim Sum eating.  However, when the day arrived for me to go back to San Francisco and leave them alone, there was palpable feeling of anxiety for both Makiko and me.  However, Makiko was determined, declaring that this was something she just had to do. As a result, and in spite of many tearful late night calls last week, she still managed to have a wonderful time with her plethora of second and third cousins.  I, on the other hand, am a wreck. I think it has actually taken a few years off my life, which is just parenting as usual.  

Makiko at Obon in Venice

Tom and Elmo in Venice Beach
Summer is far from over.  We still have an 11th birthday party to plan at that new Mission Bowling Club, 3176 17th St @ S. Van Ness, SF.

Then I hope to get out of town for a week.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Putting Up Art At ON MARS

Yesterday my wonderful friend Liza Brown and I filled up the hair salon on Fillmore, called On Mars, with my paintings.  I lucked out that Liza was available.  At first Tom my boyfriend was going to help me, which would have been a disaster since he is a little, just a little... afraid of heights.

Pretty Liza hanging paintings on high!  I like the red walls.
Panel arrangement over the shampoo bowl.  (Should have brought my tripod)
Other wall

"There is nothing ugly in art, except that which is without character.  Only the false or artificial is ugly in art."    -RODIN