Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stealth Blogger

I am still blogging, but I am not posting about it.  I am refocusing.

Last week, I went with two friends and my daughter to pick out flowers for the wedding.  I guess flowers are on my mind.  I think these funny paintings came out of that.  They have a little bit of my old obsessive, surreal style and a little bit of Robert Crumb.

This was the first or the funny flowers.  I gave it to Makiko for her birthday.  I like it on it's side.  

This is the prototype bouquet.  It is too pink, but I like the poppy pods.  

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Makiko's Cake

I made a Joseph Buey's Birthday Cake for Makiko.  It eats like a brick cold.  However, if you heat it up you will be pleaseantly surprised with a heavenly bread pudding like concoction.  

Chocolate cake with coffee, coconut oil, butter, tons of eggs, sugar, (the white kind), buttercream frosting, chocolate chips and bee's wax candles.
I am the stealth blogger...

Monday, July 22, 2013

I've Been Gone... Short and Sweet

I woke up talking about painting.  I figured I needed to do a little blogging.

My mom was sick and gave us all a scare...  Actually, she is still scaring me.    

Taking care of Mildred was an intense ambush of spontaneous therapy.

Running up and down the 5, I ended up not painting for almost two months, yikes!  I've gotten back to work, but what I am doing is all a blur.

I am working on old stuff and new.

This is finally almost finished.  I think I have been working on it a year.