Friday, September 28, 2012

My Time In Wonderland And Painting Over Things

Last week was crazy, but good.  It started on Monday, I got an email from Irene Hernandez-Feiks of Wonderland SF, and Chillin Productions.  I met Irene when I wandered into her store on 24th Street, (where I bought a cool vintage brass, Z28 belt buckle.)  Chatting with her, I noticed the back half of her store was a full-on art gallery, with paintings, sculptures and crystal chandeliers, only in San Francisco... or perhaps Brooklyn.  

We got to talking about art which led to her asking me to participate in her Club Mezzanine Show. Unfortunately, I couldn't do it,  I was taking my daughter down to L.A. that weekend to do some Obon Dancing and get her in touch with her roots.  Irene said no problem, we would keep in touch. 

It started with Irene calling me last Monday.  She asked if I would put some work in the next show at her store, Wonderland SF.  I said yes! (of course). 
She came to the studio to pick out work Tuesday
 I schlepped work over to the gallery Wednesday.  
She hung the show Thursday.
The opening was on Friday, whew!  

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures, damn.  Makes me wonder... what kind of Japanese am I?  I need to Obon Dance more.

I am not going to show what this used to look like.  I'll get scolded, sorry Tracy.
It was a good week painting too.  Here are a couple of paintings I started painting over.   Re-painting  always makes me feel better. 

Though one time it got me in trouble.  I re-painted something that Washington State Arts Commission had a slide of.  They called me a few weeks later and wanted to purchase the painting for a public space, but it was gone! 

You would think I would learn my lesson, but I hate having unresolved stuff hanging around.  Also, I like it when a painting starts to really weigh something, when it has about three to five pounds of paint on it, ha!  I am a frustrated, two dimensional sculptor. 

Ooooow, so ugly dakine.  Gonna fix it.  See the old seagull?
I did a little editing.  It is getting better.  Hope I don't blow it.  

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