Sunday, February 28, 2016

Green Feet

This is embarrassing. Sorry to those of you that were kind enough to leave comments over the past 5 years I've been blogging.  I just found a bunch that were unanswered by me.  I thought Blogger would send me an email.  They used to... but they don't anymore.  Oh well. 

Even more shocking, I found I had a bitter commenter.  An "Evangelical Keyboardist" reader, sending me sarcastic hate comments!  

I deleted them.  I think.  

"Green Feet"
 Ok, I admit the figure in this painting, (Makiko) has crazy expressive coloring.  Green feet is probably the least of them.

Tom used to be in this painting too.  There was an abstract painting under this one, that can be seen faintly in person.

I messed up Elmo's face.  His eyes look so human.

I wiped him out about 4 times!