Friday, February 22, 2013

Family Series

So it appears I am still on the Family Series that I started to explore a few weeks ago.  Here is the second in the series.  
Phase 1.  (This is Elmo as a kitty)
These paintings get painted pretty fast, 2-4 days, almost Alla Prima. 

Phase 2.  More yellow, less kitty.  Elmo was not pleased, he loves kitties.

Phase 3. Lighter.  I thought it was finished here...

"Yard View" 15"x10" oil on canvas.
It was finished till I watched "Picasso Sex Magic Death" on DVD and I read the Juliana Romano interview.  They both reminded me how I long to be free.   So, here I am being as free as I can for me, right now, today...

Remember this one?  It got a "Alla Prima" shot too.  

Alla Prima 2
"Trio" 10"x15" oil on canvas

Monday, February 11, 2013

News About Lanai

Yikes, a lot of stuff happened this last month.  I am still reeling. Two things have resulted so far, I have neglected my blog, bad.  But, I have still managed to paint some little Vuillard inspired family scenes... good.  

First, we went to Lanai and bought a little plantation house.  It has been our dream and finally we have done it!

It needs lots of work, but there is studio space!  I will probably paint smaller here.

This is our neighbors yard.  Yes, they keep deer.  The baby ones stay in the living room... in a toddler pen... that they can jump out when ever they want to.  (Lanai is like a Hawaiian "Northern Exposure" episode, full of unintentional eccentrics.)   We should fit right in. 

This is another neighbor's truck.  

Pictured below are some of the tide pools surrounding the ancient Hawaiian fishing village, Kaunolu. These pools are full of tropical fish as big as your head.  As you can see there is no one around, typical of Lanai. Though, that will probably be changing soon.
These are the "jacks" that make up the breakwater protecting the Lanai Harbor.  Another great place to see the sunset and watch the whales go by.    

My mom, Mildred was born and raised in Lanai, along with her 7 siblings.  They lived in a house similar to the one we just bought, but in those days there were no street names.  Mom's house was just on block 15, number 8.

This is the view of our street.  It looks like Tahoe, Hawaiian style.  

My family has been visiting Lanai my whole life.  In fact, we are having another family reunion there in August.
Me and Mildred in the 60's

The island has seen a lot of changes, many more than I can list.  In my life time it went from being a company owned (Dole Pineapple) island, to being an island cattle ranch, and most recently, it's been purchased by Larry Ellison, better known as that Oracle Guy or America's Cup Guy.  The rumor is that Ellison has been visiting Lanai since the 80's.  He seems to love the place and is putting a lot of work into it.  He is cleaning it up and has made many of the improvements that the locals were hoping for, like, re-opening the public pool, yea!  Over all, everyone is very hopeful.

I've taken long enough getting to it, but second, I am getting married.  Ok... that is what really has thrown me for a loop, not the getting married part, we have been in love for a long time, but the planning a wedding part.  There is a certain madness to planning a wedding that I am trying to avoid.  Luckily, I have friends that are creative and helpful!  I am going to focus on not being consumed by the planning.

So far... there is room for improvement.  Hee!