Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sleeping During The Day

This is a big one.  In a fit of insanity I bought five, three feet by five feet canvases.   It is big for me.  I have not painted this big in years.  It is very exciting.  

I admit I don't think I am finished.  Hopefully, I won't try to wreck it again.

I like the interesting tension created by such an intimate scene, painted a non-intimate size.

The little yellow painting in the painting is a depiction of my only surviving acrylic.  I did it at the Millay Colony in upstate New York.  The Millay colony is a wonderful place where they take you in.  They give you a room, and a studio, and they feed you!  I was there in June years ago with a painter that was getting her MFA from Yale, a playwright from Brown, a poet that had gotten the NEA that year, and a playwright that had been a soap opera star in New York and had won a Fulbright.  However, not for being in a being in a soap opera star. They were all East Coasters.  I was the waitress from Long Beach.  One of them finally admitted to  me, in surprise, that I was the only Californian she had met that had read a book!  A couple of them were such snobs for sure.  However, I had a great time there.  It was incredible to have no distractions or obligations to do anything for a month.  Plus, there was this cute baby deer someone had released onto the grounds.  He and I would go for walks before lunch.   And I did manage to paint a bit.  I experimented with acrylic and made that little yellow painting of "Picasso's Dogs".  

This was the first day.  It is nice and raw.  I probably should have stopped here. 

This was the day I tried to destroy it.  I always have to do that.  I have to push it to the edge and over.