Friday, February 20, 2015

Back From Lanai

We are back from Lanai.  It was such a short trip.  However, I did manage to get four full days of painting.  Two of the paintings I started on our last trip are still unfinished.  They are both part of the collage series.    All of the other ones I started have been absorbed into my new series about cages.  I am going to still try to finish the collages. However, I left them in Lanai and by the time I get back to Lanai to work on them again, I, myself may be in a different place in my painting.  So, who knows if they will go anywhere.  I pictured one anyway, way down below.

Here are a couple of little ones that I stuck in my suit case.  I started them this trip in Lanai and finished them in S.F.  No titles yet.

Cages 1 (Ha!  I cannot decide if this one has a fruit stripe tongue in it or a surfboard.)

I find these paintings weird yet fun.  I have never worked so intuitively or spontaneously.

Cages 2

Our friends, Marybeth and Luis spent the day with us.  We took them to Polihua.  Tom's favorite spot.  They took our picture. 
Me and Tom in the Garden Of The Gods. 

Heres our street

 My beloved studio.  

My studio is getting more stuff!

One of the unfinished collages.