Friday, April 25, 2014

New Painting, View From The Bridge… And Open Studios Starts Tonight!

Tonight at 6 is the kickoff for the Mission Artists United Spring Open Studios weekend.  Whew…  

Please stop by and check out the new studio @ 1890 Bryant.  I am in studio 317, also known as The Stable.  neigh!

This is my newest painting.  Have a glass of wine, tell me what you think.  I like feedback!

View From The Bridge  (maybe)  Title is still in flux.  Maybe we can talk about that.

Image one
I started this at my old studio.  It is on top of an old painting.

Image two

Image three
Almost finished.  I was thinking of calling it "The Scream" after Edvard Munch, or maybe "The Call", or "The Scream Box" or "The Call Scream" or just "The Call Box"?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Everyday Is Mother's Day

The landscape, object, whatever is a conduit between me and my materials.   
I can't remember who said that, but I agree.

image one
Painted this ground over a sanded old painting.  My favorite way to start.

image two
At this point I thought it was finished.  But it was not.
image three

image four

image five

"Mother's Day"