Friday, April 25, 2014

New Painting, View From The Bridge… And Open Studios Starts Tonight!

Tonight at 6 is the kickoff for the Mission Artists United Spring Open Studios weekend.  Whew…  

Please stop by and check out the new studio @ 1890 Bryant.  I am in studio 317, also known as The Stable.  neigh!

This is my newest painting.  Have a glass of wine, tell me what you think.  I like feedback!

View From The Bridge  (maybe)  Title is still in flux.  Maybe we can talk about that.

Image one
I started this at my old studio.  It is on top of an old painting.

Image two

Image three
Almost finished.  I was thinking of calling it "The Scream" after Edvard Munch, or maybe "The Call", or "The Scream Box" or "The Call Scream" or just "The Call Box"?

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