Friday, February 22, 2013

Family Series

So it appears I am still on the Family Series that I started to explore a few weeks ago.  Here is the second in the series.  
Phase 1.  (This is Elmo as a kitty)
These paintings get painted pretty fast, 2-4 days, almost Alla Prima. 

Phase 2.  More yellow, less kitty.  Elmo was not pleased, he loves kitties.

Phase 3. Lighter.  I thought it was finished here...

"Yard View" 15"x10" oil on canvas.
It was finished till I watched "Picasso Sex Magic Death" on DVD and I read the Juliana Romano interview.  They both reminded me how I long to be free.   So, here I am being as free as I can for me, right now, today...

Remember this one?  It got a "Alla Prima" shot too.  

Alla Prima 2
"Trio" 10"x15" oil on canvas


  1. Wow #4 is a wowzer! love it. the new one is great all around, but #4 really did show up best (in this limited medium)

    I think this is one of your best paintings. figurative movement !
    when's the next show?

  2. I mean it. one of your best paintings ever and that is saying ALOT!