Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Art Elves Have Been Visiting

As some of you know, I rent a space in a communal studio, we lovingly call it "Shanty Town."  It is housed in a large warehouse.  It is  a "biosphere" of  creativity.  It is an amazing place to hang out.  Who knew there were so many people doing artsy stuff.  

Lately there has been a huge turn over.  People have moved out and are now working at home, some are starting graduate school and are entitled to a studio space. (As expensive as the tuition is, was, I have to admit, I loved graduate school, three years to paint, see painters painting, talk painting, have other people talk about your painting.  What's not to LOVE?)  I still have friends in "Shanty Town," and I will make new friends, but it is definitely the beginning of a new phase.   

From what I have observed so far, most of the new people come in at night, so I don't see them very much.  Some, I haven't seen at all.   I just see the clues that they have been in, in the night.  I see a chair moved, I see the changes in their work...

It is like the elves have visited. 

Anyway, open studios should be interesting.

I am still working on the shy pelican, that's giving a fetching look over it's shoulder.
I have moved the horizon line down some more.  

I am indulging in a color binge.  Close up this painting has a lot of color, especially in the "nautical pier post" or stump to the lay person.   I have been alternating working in my old way OHB (one hair brush) and flat brush.  I am either doing painstaking rendering or brushy brush strokes.  (see next image)
I used a flat brush on Makiko's hair and face, showing the brush strokes.  I think it has a lot more movement and light this way.  (I know I said this painting was finished, but I can't leave it alone!!! Maybe it will be finished before she goes to college.  Do I hear graduation present, yea?)

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