Sunday, August 30, 2015

Break Through

I had a break through last week.  It came in the form of this family picture.  I like the composition, but mostly it is the looseness of the paint quality.  I felt free and this painting came out whole.   


Living Room
The little Bonnard and Vuillard exercises did the trick.  I get so hung up of surfaces that I end up tightening everything up till they squeek!  (Which has a certain satisfaction in a obsessive way.)  I am going to tweak the background a little bit.  But mostly it is done.

My dog Elmo was my first subject when I resumed painting after a 10 year hiatus.  He is one of the most magical beings.  


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  2. Replies
    1. Just saw this. Wish I had seen it earlier! Thank you Eli.

  3. wow this is a breakthrough. What exercises are you talking about? I need those!

    1. and I love this painting too. it's awesome

    2. Thanks Liza!

      I copied a Vuillard and a Bonnard earlier this summer.

      You know how in European museums you see people set up with their easels copying the masters? I know you can learn a lot from doing that. But, I realize in reality I had no idea. I think it really liberated me some how. I am going to have to do it again. Maybe, a Guston next.

  4. You are such a great painter, Lani. Love this piece. Miss watching you do all those lovely surfaces!