Monday, September 17, 2012

Art For Aids and Open Studios In One Weekend!

This weekend was an art marathon. 

It started on Friday night with the Art for Aids auction.  Jhina Alvarado, Lucky Rapp and I all donated paintings for the  UCSF Alliance Health Project. 
Me and "Orange Bicycle," This painting was kind of a break through piece for me.  It was bitter sweet to see it go.

I did a little more tweaking to this painting.  I added more detail to the pelican.  Then... I blocked in a delicious slab of reddish gray paint, that varies from brushy-ness, for the top 5/6ths to smooth at the bottom, and added a moving red ring a ding.  I figured out how to deal with the unusually long format and incorporate a interesting division of the space, which is something I have been trying to figure out, and use, forever. 
"Cruising Employed" 36"x24," oil on canvas
This is what it used to look like.  I was not sure how to make the different orientations.  Maybe the painting can be hung many different ways, upside down, sideways, depending on the mood of the viewer.  I will probably try this again, because I am kinda stubborn.  

1 comment:

  1. all the pelican paintings are so yummy. love the shy one with all the great water and the long format one. Can't we get you to just start a new canvas rather than painting over all of those great paintings?
    but I trust your muse, you are always on to something good.