Monday, July 30, 2012


This guy, I don't know why I assume it is a "guy," was the Steve Jobs of seagulls at J.V. Fitzgerald Marine Reservation, in Moss Landing.  

This seagull reminded me of Steve Jobs.  There were a number of similarities.  First of all he was so willing to risk all for what he wanted, which was our eggy lunch.  This proves him not only driven, but also a terrible cannibal just like Steve.  Okey, Steve wasn't literally a cannibal, but he admitted he was all for it, figuratively... speaking. 

Also, like Steve, Fatty was vocal, emotional, crazy and he had a "reality distortion field."  He believed that he could eat out of our hands and we wouldn't reach out our other hand, and wring his scrawny neck.  Most of all, he made us believe this too and well... he was right.  This made him the most successful seagull, ever.

Makiko loves to sit in a tree.
These ladies, (I'm giving females equal time), are out here all the time.

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