Thursday, October 20, 2011

4 New Paintings Started PAINTING FOUR

The Semi

I don't know about other painters, but sometimes I start a painting and I know almost exactly where it is going and it feels like a slam dunk..  Sometimes I only have a vague idea of where I am going.  There are only a couple of things I am aware of that I want to accomplish, and then there are those paintings where I have no idea where they are going.  The last kind are not so good. They can take forever to figure out (some up to a year) though they can turn out grand.  This one was only vague.  Also, I must admit, I hardly ever know what I was thinking until the damn thing is finished.  Then it all comes clear... usually. 
So finishing this painting I figured out what  I was trying do in the last three paintings.  First, I want to compose things to look more "collaged".  By that I mean that I want them to have a more adventurous composition, not only logical or natural, with the usual things up and the usual things down. Second, is the thing I have been working toward since "Tanker", loosening up my paint and being more spontaneous. 

   There he is the Elmo! ( I almost left him scratchy with highlights created by scraping way the dark paint to reveal the orange color beneath.  Of course I couldn't, maybe someday.)  On the dots, I am drawn to these flat shapes.  I'll call it my "Decal Phase".

Elmo blurred.

 Maybe it's just me, but this painting feels large.  Perhaps it's the semi in the background that makes this painting feel bigger than it is.   It is only 12"x12".  It is still in flux.  I thought it was finished, but I am going to take out the white cube.  I put the cube in because I wanted a drawing/line element for some weight variation, and I thought it might anchor Elmo, but it isn't working.   Live and learn, that's what it's about.

I toned down the decal
I want to still call this "SEMI" and put it in the "Highway 5" section, but Elmo seems most prominent now.  Maybe this painting should go in the "Beasts" section?   12"x12" oil on panel

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