Tuesday, October 18, 2011

4 New Paintings Started PAINTING THREE

We have new neighbors, because our beloved old neighbors, Joshua and Sabrina , moved to a house in the Excelsior.  Sabrina is a wonderfully creative cook and food blogger (http://www.thetomatotart.com/) and she wanted a garden and more room to entertain.  The new neighbors are very frowny and sad.  Tom, my boyfriend and my daughter Makiko call the new folks the "unhappy hipsters".  They have many tattoos, chihuahuas as well as nice vehicles.  The vehicles are a good source of imagery for my paintings.  I can be found out there at any given time surreptitiously shooting pictures of their shiny motorcycles and bikes.

Once again I am taking out the cubes, so don't get attached.  (Fourth image)

The second image was the first rendering of the motorcycle.  I show it only as a memorial, because it doesn't exist anymore.  It came to a grisly end.  I sprayed on some soap to try and get some drippy variation in the white background.  The motorcycle was not dry enough and the soap melted it right before my eyes as I stood helplessly by.  It was HORRIBLE. 
sketch 8"x8"

This is the motorcycle that melted in the terrible "soap incident", as it was last seen.

Re-painted the motorcycle.  It i s a little more gestural than the first one.  I can never do something again exactly the same.  I can do it better and faster, but I think in this case, this one is just different.  The background is better!

It is almost finished.  Have to delete the cubes. 
Here it is finished.

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  1. It's one of my favorites! I love the direction of this series.