Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Great Highway 2 Cars Finally Finished

This is the third to last version.  I kept re-painting the sky.
 Ever think something is finished and then you come back the next day and it's not?  Well that is what kept happening with this Great Highway painting. So here are the last two manifestations of this painting and the final finished piece.  I don't think you can really see much change in the digital image.  It is much more apparent in person.   I am changing the name by the way to "Great Highway Race".  I think the cars are racing each other. 

Second to last

 In person, the final painting has a sky full of different colors, and is a lot lighter in value.  I used my new, huge ( about 10") palette knife to to keep the surface really smooth, like a stone.  The change to a lighter value  and the added color opened up the sky and created more complexity.  

This is the final version.  GREAT HIGHWAY RACE 30"x40" oil on canvas. 

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