Saturday, October 15, 2011

4 New Paintings Started PAINTING TWO

This is an experimental abstract painting I started a few weeks ago.  I knew it was not quite resolved for me so I added a couple of elements.  I think its finished.

Bicycle silhouette looks like it's made of black licorice, yum.

The rectangle in the corner is a balancing element, but in person it, really sings against the movement and warmth of the background.  The green paint is from one of my last four tubes of Old Holland paint I have from over 15 years ago.  I use  it very judiciously, but oh my word, that paint is wonderful.  I guess that's why it is is $30 a tube.  Other paint is like frosting, O.H. is like flesh. It sounds gross but it is sublime.


  1. where can I buy a print of this?

    1. This is embarrassing, just figured out that there are all these comments. I thought I had it set to notify me when I got a comment. I am so lame. Took 5 years to figure this out.
      THank you so much!

      Sorry this painting is no longer available in any form.