Tuesday, January 24, 2012

End Sloat

So I finished this painting last week.  (The beginning was outlined in the blog post http://lanitanaka.blogspot.com/2012/01/coming-out-of-my-holiday-scramble.html 
"End Sloat" (final version) 24"x24" oil on canvas
My new direction continues to unfold.
It is all about space.  In the past, my space was logical.  There was an up, a down, a horizon, a foreground and a background.   Now my space is being pushed and pulled in different areas.  It doesn’t exist naturally.  

I try to serve the paint versus the paint serving the making of my imagery.  I want the texture and color to be a prominent element.

Someone once said that the difference between design and fine art was that in fine art there was no answer.  I am comforted by that sentence since direction is hard to gauge in my new process. 

The other thing is that I don’t know when a painting is going to be finished.  It just kind of happens and in the case of “End Sloat” it was very abrupt.

I’ve been trying to marry this idea of abstraction and realism together.  Some say it can’t be done, others just laugh.  I’m just stubborn. 

Blocking stuff in.

Must not get too attached to that lamp post.


Too much color

Indulging in blurry drippy bliss.
I added the red and I think I'm almost there.

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