Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Coming Out Of My Holiday Scramble Part 2

Here are the two other paintings I messed with over the holidays.

This one started as a Gerhard Richteresque painting ( http://lanitanaka.blogspot.com/2011/10/4-new-paintings-started-painting-two.html ), then I added a bicycle and the Old Holland green rectangle. Then there were a couple of stages that were just too painful to document. At one point I even put a drawing of a nude in it.  So, I set this painting aside and forgot about it. Now it is back and getting better.
AFTER with new title, "Bike Abstraction" 20"x20" oil on canvas


The painting of “Sabu” really got me into glazing and working almost in a watercolor technique, so I added a red glaze and an ochre glaze to "Moto Beast". I like it much better. The glazes really enriched the color.

BEFORE "Moto Beast"  30"x30 oil on canvas

AFTER "Moto Beast"


  1. wow. cool lani. this is fun to watch!

  2. you're so good at photo realism of vehicles, maybe you should go into industrial design! where *did* this come from?