Thursday, January 5, 2012

Coming Out Of My Holiday Scramble

 I really get insanely jumbled up by the December holidays.  They seem endless, chaotic and full of guilt.  Why can’t it be organized like my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving?  Ok, I know it is historically flawed, but a holiday based on food and thankfulness can’t be all bad? Plus, it’s one afternoon of food excess and four days off, what’s not to like? 

Through this three week "Christmas" holiday, I think I made it to the studio only a handful times, which gives me mixed feelings. Still, I managed to "mess" with six paintings.  Four were ongoing and two are new.  Here I am posting the beginning stages of the two new ones.

This one,  “Sloat” I started, for me, in a revolutionary way.  I started with a collage on paper that I blew up on the canvas.  I thought that would be enough but now I am adding more images and layers.  It feels like “Orange Bike” in a way and that is exciting and scary.
"Sloat" 24"x24" sketch on canvas
A little more paint.  I like all the elements.
Don't like the middle, but I do like the Eric Fischl color scheme.
Process, process, process... to be continued.

Next I have started “Bike Bird”.  I am taking the idea of collage onto the canvas again.
"Bird Bike" I think this one is 8"x8" oil on canvas
I can't resist blurring.  I even want to blur other people's paintings. 
 To be continued...


  1. don't be upset but I like the 3rd one in the first series the best!!

    and love the blurred bird/bike

  2. These are looking really get your ass back in the studio and finish them!