Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Series Called "Tossed"

"Tossed City" 40"x30" oil on canvas
Here is the official line,

"In my current series I am using imagery of the city, bicycles, signs and cigarettes in a fusion of the abstract and realism. I seek to capture a swirl of movement and energy. I use a collage as a starting point and paint the images with a mixture of scale, texture and color. The space is abstract and some of the images are silhouetted, while others are almost realistically rendered."
first stages
All color is down.  What is up with that wacky highway sign shadow?
What is different? 

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  1. you brightened up the butt and that whole area looks like it has had lighting added--the new sky/ocean around the streetlights. That cigarette looks so photo perfect.