Thursday, February 16, 2012

"I Love Donuts at Night" or "Donut Moon"?

I feel like I have been very busy the last two weeks and have little to show for it.  The last thing I completed was the basset hound "Joey" commission.  That was fun.  Since then I have had this on going struggle with "Bike Chaos", 20"x20", and one painting  for a food themed show at Studio Gallery, plus I am still fine tuning "Tossed".  I usually have at least three paintings going at a time and at least one thing gets resolved a week.  This week has left me hanging.  Here is my food fiasco.  Btw, I love donuts, at night.
"Practice Donut" The sketch, 24"x24", oil on canvas

I had a huge cigarette teetering on the gas tank but it was too much.  This painting is a bit claustrophobic even for me.  Everything is mashed up in the foreground.  I am putting it away for now. 

Look familiar?  I just have to add the rainbow sprinkles when the pink gets drier.  20"x20", oil on canvas
What is the title, "I love Donuts at Night" or "Donut Moon"????


  1. you know, the donut/dog/bike/ciggie painting is claustrophobic...but I really like that about it. no idea why, but something about all that clean space in the top R highlights that crazy donut hanging there, and the rest jammed in the bottom L triangle has a wacky harmony to works for me

    1. This is embarrassing, just figured out that there are all these comments. I thought I had it set to notify me when I got a comment. I am so lame. Took 5 years to figure this out.
      THank you so much!