Saturday, February 25, 2012

More Donuts For Me

"More Donuts For Me"
I didn't get into the food themed art show.  I did everything I was suppose to, but I think there was something I missed.  I emailed it in on the last day of the deadline and within a couple of hours I got a puzzling reply that they found my image "interesting" but that the show was already "bursting at the seams"....  Well you know in this business one is used to rejection, but this felt so odd to me.  Past practice is that galleries gather all the submissions, up to the stated deadline.  Then they decide which pieces get in, period.  No sugar coating.  Then there are shows at schools, or open studios, where everyone gets a piece in, but you have to meet, again, a deadline. This show was more like first come, first serve, or maybe only friends get in?  Forget the deadline.  It's just a formality. 
In any case I don't feel that bad about not getting in, except that I do love the donut.

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