Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another Chopped Up Week

"Gauges" 8"x8" oil on canvas.  Added some color using a water color technique.
This week I worked on some stuff that is old and some that is new.    I have all these small canvases, 6"x6" and 8"x8" lying around the studio so I did a bunch of these thick Richtery grounds on them.  Its an experiment born from losing not one, but two perfectly good motorcycle paintings to a soapy death.  I am holding off from starting the subject of the painting and dealing exclusively with the background  first.  Feels very weird to work this way.  Another challenge is that sometimes  I have to deal with a excess of texture from these backgrounds.
"Acid Bike"  6"x6" oil on canvas.  This one I ended up covering up the painterly background with this acid green.  I couldn't help myself.  Sometimes yellow as well as red can just take over my senses.  I am a drunk again.

"Moto Profile" 8"x8" oil on canvas.  Ok you saw this one, but I changed the background a bit and no disasters! 
  Here is the old stuff of the week.  The 20"x20" Moto is different but it's back.  I am treading lightly.  I will see if I learned my lesson.   I am not finished with it yet!  I still have to figure out the background.
"20x20" oil on panel

"Orange Bike" 16"x24" oil on panel.  Remember this one?  Its limping along.  I am loving the right hand side and the top right, and the middle bottom... and the left wheel...  Ok, I think the only part I am not in love with is the upper left hand side.  Scott Inguito one of my studio pals will probably try to get me to paint out everything but that part.

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