Saturday, November 12, 2011

Painting Is A Sequence Of Creation And Destruction. Also Known As A Bad Week

It has been a bad painting week.  I hardly got any time in the studio and the time I was there I was destructomatic.  Here is only one of the paintings I destroyed this week.  I couldn't even take pictures of the other ones.  The 20"x20" motorcycle was one of them, yes!!!   I have been trying to resuscitate it and it looks like crap!  I don't have a picture of the attempted resuscitation, but here is a picture of the soap disaster.
It looks interesting in this nice little miniature version on screen, but it didn't stay this way.  I spent all yesterday ruining it some more.  I think I am staying out of the studio today.  I am going to the beach.  Maybe I will get eaten by a shark. 


  1. hey now, no sharks. stop saying that! (I'm packing my beach stuff as I read this) You can't be brilliant all the time. you have to reach the depths in order to achieve the stunning heights!

  2. This soap diaster = perfection. I'm going to hide them when they are at this point because it is AMAZING! nuf said. :)

  3. No sharks...sigh. Tracy I think you are right. You hide the painting when I need to pause. I am such a bull in a china shop sometimes. Impulsive to boot.