Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tis The Season!

It was a last minute decision to make it to this shin-dig.  Which meant I had to fabricate a postcard, on my computer instead of using Vistaprint!!!  Needless to say I wasted a lot of cards, paper and ink, because I am typo queen.  So here it is!  There are four different versions out there, so collect all four!  This one has a painting that is still in progress.  I am playing with scale that is why the seagull is so huge, duh. 

I painted my studio a nice warm gray for the occasion.  Allyson Seal, another fabulous studio pal, came by yesterday and commented that the gray made my studio  feel like a "hug" mmm.  I picked this gray at Kelly Moore it is called "Grigitta".  I ran out of it in the first 20 minutes (I thought a quart would do it.  If you have seen the size of my studio you would have thought a couple of cups of paint would do too).  Apparently, them are some thirsty walls.  So I tore off to the what I thought was the closest paint store, Benjamin Moore, thinking that they would have something comparable to my Grigitta.  However, gray like black and white is tricky.  Benjamin's grays all went either green, blue or brown, not the desired red.  This Grigitta in different lights looks pink, or taupe, or puce. Ends up there is a Kelly Moore a few blocks from the studio on S. Vaness.  Who knew?


 Art Explosion Holiday Show
2425 17th Street, SF CA 94110
December 9, 2011
Friday night 7:00pm-11:00pm

Stop by on Friday night for a Manhattan, or if you are young have some sparkling cider. 

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