Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Christmas Commission, Otherwise Known As Painting Like Your Hairs On Fire.

I got a last minute Christmas commission. Only two days to get a 24"x24" painting finished. Yikes!

Wired the back, put on all the info on the back and signed it.  I don't usually do things in this order, but because it's a rush it's good to have the back finished, in case it is wet when it goes out the door.
For speed I decided to try painting the background first and in acrylic, which is super fast drying. 

Painted the edges for a nice clean presentation.
Here is the first sketch.
Want him to look hairy and silky.  Background was too busy.
"Sabu" 24"x24" oil on canvas.  Viola! 

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  1. i like when you do that flat blue background. very nice portrait