Monday, June 4, 2012

When You Pray, You Are Asking God To Change His Plans...

God doesn't change his plans.  
                                 Jerry Jeff Walker

I myself, am really more of a Buddhist,  more prone to listening, than praying.
 (Praying, however,  can be very comforting.)

 I saw the outlaw,  Jerry Jeff Walker in concert Friday night.  He is an amazing musician that wrote, but didn't make famous, "Mister Bojangles."  I went to the concert with no expectations and was blown away.  In spite of the fact that Jerry's voice got very low and gravelly in the first hour, he went on to play another hour and a half.  Plus, he did four encores after his guitar/accordion player left to catch the red-eye back to Boston.   What a heart, what a virtuoso.  It was inspirational to see a master so passionate and in spite of frailty. 

On to painting...  Believe it or not, this painting is called, coincidentally, "No Plan."

"No Plan" 36"x36, "oil on canvas


This what it looked like in the earlier stages. 
Phase One.  What a mess.  

Phase Two.  I am doing a little editing, and installing black holes.

Phase Three. I'm doing more editing. I am deciding how much detail to put in the Sparrow.  Sparrow is such a pretty name for such a plain bird.  

Phase Four.  It is getting a beautiful shimmery quality and lots of color  all ranging in the same value (same amount of lightness)  .  
Here is the final version again, just for continuity.  I added the second bird for balance, but I like the added tension it created as it is poised over the pointed line.  This bird has a lot less detail and has a sketched quality. 

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