Monday, June 18, 2012

Sneak Peek

I am making some small pieces for a show in  August, at the San Pablo Art Gallery. I am going to be showing with two studios mates, Jhina Alvarado and Scott Inguito.  It is very exciting and I love their work.  

We are calling the show  "Machines, Muses and Memories."
Date of the exhibit:  August 11 through September 9, 2012

The reception is August 25, 1-3pm.  

I will post more details when it gets closer.  In the mean time, save the date, tell your friends!  

I am resisting calling this one "Angry Bird."  
These pieces are all dinky, either 8"x8" or 6"x6."
All are oil on canvas.
All are images I love and have used before.
So far I have Crows, Sparrows, Seagulls, some Pigeons (not shown) and  a stop  sign (not shown).  


  1. call it "angry bird" ~ why resist?

  2. #1 looks like "revenge,"
    #3 looks like "Mission Accomplished,"
    #4 reminds me of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk,
    #5 seems at peace

  3. Thanks Anonymous for the suggestions.

  4. Birds angry becuase the feeders empty