Thursday, March 22, 2012

Work In Progress...POLE, Landscape or Collage?

Both of my cameras retired in the same week.  I wasn't so happy with their performance, but I am cheap and therefore willing to limp along with something that works okay.  However, it is a amazing and lucrative... for Best Buy, how old digital things like cameras become obsolete when you get a new computer and your computer becomes obsolete when you get a new phone, and so on.. and so on, hence, early retirement. 
So after pestering all the camera savvy people about what I needed to do, to improve the photographs of my paintings, I finally went to Calumet on Bryant Street and met Christy.  She is knowledgeable, patient and has a good sense of humor.  I bit the bullet and got the SLR, the tripod, the polarized lens (for glare),  the cable trigger thing, and a case for the whole shebang.  Even so well equipped and advised, I'm finding that, I can't get around it, it is a huge new medium that I am going to have to learn. 
I started this 30"x30" painting weeks ago.  It was pretty straight forward as a collage, but it is becoming a puzzle and is taking me into uncharted waters. (I used one of the old cameras here)

 I edited the cigarette out, (too many phallic symbols).  I need a new name for this painting too, but all I keep coming up with is "Pole".  Look at the mountain of triangles that showed up.  This is the uncharted part I mentioned earlier.   I'm also playing with the division of space. (Old camera)
I took out the bird, and lowered the "horizon line".  (Old)

I put in a new bird, a bike and a higher "horizon line".  I  toned down the blue in the sky.  It was too blue.  Also,  I think the division of the space device is turning the painting into a landscape!  I used my new camera and tripod here, though it is still too dark.  I still have not figured out the lighting yet. 
30"x30" "Pole" oil on canvas.  I took out the bird.  The wing tip was lining up with the top of the pole and bugged me.  Also, it might have been too big, too rendered just too too.  (Camera work is getting much better.  I read more of the manual)  To be continued...

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