Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dog Weather

Art Explosion Spring Open Studios was a fun party that lasted all weekend.  It was nice to see so many friends, old and new.  Dana Nojima, one of my oldest friends, stopped by.  Our fathers met when they were 13 years old in Manzanar.  My dad, Mickey and Uncle George were life long friends and fishing fanatics.  Our two families together, must have visited every fishing hole on the West Coast, the favorites in California being the Salton Sea and Venice Fishing Club fishing derbies in Zuma Beach.
Thanks to everyone that stopped by.  

New painting called "Dog Weather" that started as a collage, wandered a bit and ended up without a dog.   I'm still going to call it "Dog Weather".  Here I'm showing five different stages that the painting went  through, leading to the final version, Number 6. 

Number 1    I started with a basic collage.
Number 2     I added more color, rendered the cigarette and then decided to take the cigarette out. 
Number 3   Added bicycles and started playing with the transitions between the foreground and the background.  I rendered the landscape in the background and resolved the sky.  I pulled the dog forward.
Number 4      Lost the third wheel and pushed the dog back, however, I am considering taking the dog out.
Number 5   Dog is gone, and I am playing with the division of space with the white "horizon line".  Added the pigeon and some colorful glazes to the sky.  
Number 6    FINAL  I edited it down, down, down, scary yet fun.

1 comment:

  1. man.. some of these i wish you would stop at!!
    # 2 was genius!! stooooop! sorry.. at least you know when i say i like a piece its genuine.
    put the bikes and shizzl on a diffrnt canvaaaas.ive been saying that to you for 20 years hah?? "what did you do to that painting i loved!!" do your thing.. what do i know..
    but ... #2 was perfect.