Sunday, January 17, 2016

MBK and Elmo or... Debbie and Billy?

I was gifted a bunch of canvases from our friends Debbie and Billy.  I think they were unused signs for their wedding.  They have been married for years and are expecting their second child.  So, through a konmaring impulse and need to make room for the new nugget, I got some really high quality canvases.  Most of the canvases were blank, but this one had an interesting ground for layering. 

Here is the finished version.  Elmo is in sharp focus.  The bag is a drawing.  The window is a an abstraction.  You can still sorta see "Debbie" in it.  The floor is doing this undulating movement... bonus!

Early sketch
Husband really likes this version.  
Almost finished.  Carpet appears to be trying to slide off the canvas!

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