Monday, January 25, 2016

Back to Sleeping During the Day

In the last period of my life that I had time to paint deeply or obsessively, I would often paint a favorite image over and over. There would be something different that  I was chasing in each iteration.  

This was one of the last images that I really painted a lot.
My life was starkly different then. I was serially single and childless. Can you tell? 

"Pedestrian" 36"x45" (1998)

In this new period (the last six years) I have not really indulged going deep with an image.  I have been pretty much been careening through a bunch of different subjects, techniques and genres, like a drunken maniac. My dog is perhaps the only repeating theme. 

I think, however, that I am starting the serial thing again. Using an old title, "Sleeping During the Day."  The first one of that title was painted in 1990. It was tiny, maybe 12"x12". Someone... probably me, sleeping under a bright square of window.  I think I have a slide somewhere. The painting is now in the Swig Collection.  

Here is the new version with my daughter and of course my dog.  I have only painted this version twice, but who knows how many iterations I can come up with.  I am a fount for making up problems to tackle in painting.  

Finished with yellowish star.  Whole thing measures maybe 24"x30"
Earlier with a red star.

First one of M and E.  This one is big and tight, 3'x5.'  I liked the intimate scene painted in a non-intimate size.
Pardon me, but I shot these with my phone.  The last couple of posts I had Cera Hensley photograph my stuff.  What a world of difference.  

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