Monday, December 3, 2012

Tuesday, A Trip

"Tuesday" 24"x36" oil on canvas
This is the end of a story.  This painting had a whole life before that looked a lot different.  I think there is a metaphor there.

Version 1. It started like this.  36"x24" 
It started about eight months ago.  I thought I had the route planned out.  

Version 2. I rendered up the bird.  I was so optimistic.

Version 3. I liked it so far, but there was something missing...

Version 4.  
I know what it was missing...  a semi, a red sky, bicycles and a whole lot of angst.

I had to mess it up.  That is my M.O.  Bring on the hate mail.

This didn't just happen overnight.  This painting sat in my studio for a few months with the red sky and semi additions, taunting me, making me sad.

Version 5.  This is calmer.  

So I decided to take it in a whole new direction.  I tried to keep my favorite elements, but in the end, of course, they all had to go, because that is how life is.  I mean painting is.  
Version 6.  Put a bird on it.  

I liked the bird, but there was a problematic area around it's feet.  I tried.  

Finito!  Bene.  
Just like life, add a bike and every thing gets better.

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