Monday, November 5, 2012

Tweaking "Flight" and "Angry"

Another day... So, I got into the studio and decided that "Flight" was not finished.  I changed the value of the sky as I planned, but it still was not enough.  I added more detail to the bird.  I think there is some nice luminosity in the up stretched wing now, but I was still not satisfied.

I had some Williamsburg Cadmium Red, another nice paint, out on the palette and again, in an act of desperation,   I put a dot in some turpentine and covered the sky.

Now I admit, I am a color drunk, and that is maybe why I avoided color's siren song for so long.
This wonderful red floats on top of the blue and green and manages to stay separate, giving me a big zing in the heart.  The red is working like a watercolor wash, mixing yet separate.  I Love Good Paint.

Before red

Fini, there is more weight and depth in this tiny painting now. 
Moving on to "Angry. "   I found the value between the bird and the sky was too close. 

So I sanded, with turpentine again and massaged in some white/Naples/Flake with essence of Cerulean and got it to pop a bit more.  Then, again, I reworked the bird.  I lightened the bird and added more detail.

Yesterday's "Angry"

vs today's "Angry"  Background is much glowier and the bird is lifted out of the sky,and less embedded.

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