Monday, August 20, 2012

New Format And Going In All Directions

Drippy sketch
 I got all these new canvases that are longish rectangles.  It is quite a change from the squares I've been working with for the past year.  I started three of these puppies a couple of months ago. ( I work on about 4 paintings at a time.  If the planets are aligned, I am in the studio 4-6 hours a week, 5-6 days a week.) I prioritized the small pieces for the San Pablo show, with Jhina and Scott, so these long paintings are a long time coming.  I think I was figuring out the format and how to compose it.  I started out vertical, but ended up turning the whole thing on it's side!  
30"x24"  oil on canvas.  I started out going very white.

Now you see him... 

Now you don't.

24"x30"  Ta Da!  New title, "Eaten By A Crow"

1 comment:

  1. WTF where did that other painting go ? ! I liked it too!
    For my sake (as if that's at all important) maybe you can start a new canvas and save a few of these awesome under paintings -- just a thought