Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lanai City, Hawaii

 Lanai City reminds me of that mythical place portrayed in "Northern Exposure".  It is full of old timers, eccentrics, and wide eyed transplants.  For example, we had dinner with Mormon missionaries at my cousin Michael's mom's house.  (I have a lot of Mormon cousins) They had been visiting various Lanai residents and had a picture of one family's living room that contained a makeshift pen with a baby deer in it (I really wanted a copy of that picture, but alas... ) Of course the deer could jump out and did, anytime it wanted to, but like a good pet deer, it always jumped back in.  Another time we saw a guy walking an exotic dwarf goat, that was not Nigerian, the goat that is, not the guy.  I know this because I am into Nigerian Dwarf goats. 
Some folks have been rescuing, and raising baby deer that have been orphaned, due to the drought.  (I guess these guys got too big for the living room)
My mom Mildred is from Lanai and we still have lot's of family there.  Tom, Makiko and I just got back last night.   I saw my friend Susan Hunter, who makes amazing jewelry, that she sells at the Four Seasons Hotel in Manele Bay and the Koele Lodge in Lanai.  I also met the artist, Mike Carrol.  He is a painter that relocated from Chicago and opened a gallery,,  in Lanai City.
Makiko by the Banyan Tree outside our hotel room window
Makiko won the "Crystal Pineapple" for archery at Koele. 

Polihua Beach

The streets of Lanai City, speed limit 20 mph.

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