Monday, May 7, 2012

Roller Coaster Of A Week And Thank You Everyone That Came Out To The Roll Up Gallery Opening!!!

This was a roller coaster of a week.  It started with a spirit killing presentation at a local gallery, then moved on to a very nice gallery opening, followed by a great movie that was so resonating and affirming (but killer boring to my family and friends) and, finally, my breaking the bathroom window trying to kill a fly.   (Keyword, "trying," that fly is alive and kicking, living upstairs on Makiko's window sill, waiting for a fast break.)   The window is going to cost at least $500.  Bug karma is quick.

The week began in a downward direction, with a bizarre gallery visit.  I must admit, I don't really know what happened.  The gallery said they were interested in my work and asked me to shlep some over so they could see it in person.   Then, I think, they proceeded to give me a "critique."   I am all for critiques, except the questions seemed a little canned and geared for advertising, "What do you want the viewer to take away with them, after seeing your work?"  I don't know.... "Love/Buy Art Now!"  There were three of them.  The first two made me wonder why I was there.  The third person of the group, thankfully, was very friendly and professional.  All in all, from their manner, I would have guessed they were hating the whole visit and didn't like my work much. Which was weird because they had invited me with a very nice email.  At the end of the interview (or critique or whatever it was) they didn't say they were rejecting my work, but that they wanted to see what it would be like in three months.  The whole thing left me very confused and bruised, so I very nicely thanked them for the critique.  In the end, I am always Japanese.

The next day the roller coaster ride went up as I made a delivery of five paintings to the lovely Betty Bigas.    She is the curator of Roll Up Gallery at Public Works.  Such a lovely person and she created such a nice show.  Thank you to all my friends that showed up to the opening and to all my friends that brought their friends!

Then the week peaked when we saw a fantastic movie about Gerhardt Richter-Painting!  I could relate to everything he said.  It was a wild feeling.  He said stuff like,  "To talk about paintings is not only difficult, but perhaps pointless too.  You can only express in words, what words are capable of expressing, what language can communicate.  Painting has nothing to do with that."

Oh... my god.

Then he said this, "When I first approach a canvas, I can smear anything I want on it.  Then there is a condition I must react to... by changing it or destroying it.  There is no plan." (OMG) "Each step forward is more difficult and I feel less and less free until I conclude that there is nothing left to do.  Painting is not just a question of aesthetics of painting pretty pictures, which perhaps isn't very difficult."


Then the week took another dive when  I splintered the bathroom window.  I hit it with a rolled up magazine.  I was trying to kill a horrible, ugly, black, noisy fly, ca-ching $500.
I only hope this next week is boring.

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