Monday, May 21, 2012

Idle Progress

This one is called "Idle Progress." 

In the beginning...

The fun is just beginning.  The junction where both the left seagull's wings hit the front wheel of the bicycle is problematic to me.  I am going to try pushing that tire back.
I added my new Williamsburg Cadmium Red, which I would compare favorably to Bobbi Browns lipsticks.  Both are loaded with pigment. Oh my!
I am inching my way into a higher quality paint addiction.  However, I can rationalize it, because I am down to only one other vice right now, and that is Diet Coke.  I can hear you all cringe.  I swear, Diet Coke's getting harder and harder to find in judgy San Francisco.  Restaurants are ceasing to serve it, because they say it's bad for you.  Hm-mm, OK, maybe it is time to switch to Bourbon. 

So far I have only indulged in expensive paint when I have a store coupon and  luckily, I am painting thinner these days.  Impasto would be a killer in fancy paint that was 30 -75 bucks and up,  for 37 ml tube.  Good paint is really amazing and thrills me like... well ya know, it's good.  I just experimented and bought some "plain wrap" paint, thinking I could use it as filler.  It was so yucky, like putting down, BAD spackle.  (That's bad, to be worse than spackle).

I wonder how much Gerhard spends on paint?  He uses good paint.  In his documentary movie, every  "plop" of paint I heard hit the ground, made me want to grab a scraper and save it.

BTW, this painting is not finished.  I told myself I was not going to blog anymore about stuff still in progress.  However, I think this one is going to disappear, so this might be it's only debut.

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