Friday, September 30, 2011

I am playing with Abstraction

I am trying to get ready for our second Open Studios.  Art Explosion had one two weeks ago and now ArtSpan is having another this weekend.

 I have about four paintings going in my studio right now and three are on the brink of  being finished and this one I just completed yesterday, just in time for Fall Open Studios, which starts tomorrow.  Here are the three stages of this painting I am calling "Sideswiped".  It reminds me of the side of a car that has been careening down a city street sideswiping parked cars.  The passenger door ends up with paint samples from all the cars it hit along the way. 

SIDESWIPED 1   20"x20" oil on canvas  (Kinda muddy)

SIDESWIPED 2   20"x20" oil on canvas (I am trying to lighten it up.  It is just getting muddier)

SIDESWIPED  20"x20" oil on canvas      I thought I was going to go lighter and much more subdued color.  I don't know sometimes what is going on, my hands have a mind of their own.

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