Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Ok, so here I am at Day 4 on this non-landscape landscape painting.  I decided I needed to try a new approach.  First I mixed up my usual dammar, linseed, and gamsol with a touch of raw umber and black and covered the entire surface with a nice drippy glaze.  I purposefully did a loose crisscross so that the glaze was not entirely uniform.  Next, I repainted the damn light posts again and they got nice and dissolvie with the glaze and sometimes actually disappeared, so I repainted them again.  I used a nice soft brush to blur some of the posts.  Last, I mixed up a huge load of flake white, cerulean, umber, and black and put in the “ocean” (figuratively speaking), with my palette knife.  I got some nice texture and glimpses of the dark painting underneath (an attractive version of Freddy Kruger’s skin, can you wrap your eyeball around that?) and caught some of the drippy glaze making for a nice runny, melty thing.  However, it was only happening in a few places, so I scrapped it all off and did it again, still not good enough so I did it a couple more times.  To be continued if you can stand it... 

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  1. I love day 4 the most. It feels dreamy and haunting like most of your older work. I also like the contrast from top to bottom.