Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Bought a Camera

I bought this camera with a big lens to take pictures of my paintings.  It is crap.  I used my studio friend, Jhina’s Canon Powershot and OMG it was incredible.  So I bought one used and now I am waiting for it.  I don’t want to post pictures till I get it but I will anyway.  :P

So this is about as far as I have gotten now with the abstract non-landscape landscape painting.  At this point in time it is really more of  a compositional thing than a paint change.  The PAINTING DRAMA painting of 45th Avenue is in crisis at the moment.  When I get my new camera I will post a picture.  Hopefully, the camera will arrive before I succumb to my impulse to paint over the whole thing .   I am just not a "loose" painter... yet.  I am working on it.  Maybe when/if I get there it will feel like a psychological break through. 

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