Saturday, May 24, 2014

Honeymoon In Lanai

Lanai is full of wildlife.  As I unloaded the washer machine yesterday a 7 inch centipede flopped out with the towels.  I couldn't help screaming my head off for about ten seconds, before I realized it was dead.  Then I screamed somemore thinking about how I probably almost touched it loading the machine!  As you know those things are vicious.  One attacked and bit Tom last year.  It seemed like the pain was excruciating and lasted all day.

If you want to see it, I'll send you a pic, but it was way tooooo scary to post a picture.  I didn't want anyone to faint.  I almost lose my mind just thinking about it.  I have it in my studio still, under a jar, in case it is playing possum.  Let me know if you know a kid that wants it for their collection of scary stuff.

New out door shower


our new power pole

papayas in our yard.  (someone usually picks them before I can)

view out my studio window
here is what it looks like in the neighborhood.

Though I arrived to a house with kitchen drawers full of gecko poop, red dust on everything, so that Tom  and I had to spend 3 hours on cleaning the first night, it is great to be here.

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