Thursday, February 27, 2014

It Started With A Couple Of Cows

Number 1. It started with a couple of cows...
Number 2. Then I got a sip of random color.  

Number 3.   Then, I obviously got completely color drunk.  I don't like how the orange and yellow are competing with the cows!  And what is with the hills?  They are lined up like yummy piroshki.  
Number 4.  All the color is still there now tempered with complimentary colors.  However, the sky and water are too close in value.  It looks like day. 

Number 4.  Too much noise.
Last one?..   Perhaps…  The cows are again the interest point, and the spooky nightscape feel is back.    Yes, "nightscape" is a word, though spell check is whining terribly.   

I just drove back from L.A.  I spent hours on Highway 5 looking at the crazy shadows on the golden hills.  Those shadows do unexpected things.  They seem to defy logic.  So of course the loaves had to go.