Monday, September 9, 2013

Long View Is In Progress

This was the sketch.  You can see that it is painted on top of an old painting. The only thing I am keeping from the old painting is the semi in the upper right hand corner.

I re-oriented it and started the drips.

I want more color.  I am started to add diagonal "line" divisions to create movement and space.

More dividing and MORE color.  The Ultramarine blue and the yellow on the right have just upped the ante.  They have made everything else look under painted.   

The bike area was looking FLAT.  I like the handle bars.  They look flat and at the same time like a cutout leading to another dimension...maybe The Twilight Zone.

Typical painting, every time I do something I have to re-paint everything else.  It is getting richer and richer and more and more detailed. 
Does anyone know what kind of bird that is?  I shot it at Taco Bell in Pacifica.  Maybe it is the rare and chubby Tacobellius.