Monday, August 5, 2013

Guess Who Rented The Rothko Documentary?

It was me.  I rented the Mark Rothko documentary.  He made Makiko and me scratch our heads.  I tried to get someone to watch it with me a second time, but had no takers.  I live with Art Documentary Haters.
Baby Rothko (first layer)
So, in an effort to understand, I am making a "Rothko."  I have at least, three counts working against me in this endeavor, but they won't keep me from trying.  Number one, I know an important part of the Rothko mystic is scale and my painting is 12"x9".  Second part is that Rothkos need to be grouped and have a room of their own.  That was a very important element to M.R.  He did NOT do group shows with other artists.   And the third problem... oh yeah, you need to be Rothko.

Even with all that working against me...  I am feeling it.

Interesting and gutsy fact about M.R., he turned down showing paintings he made for the Seagrams Building and returned the money.  (I think it was $35,000.)  Because he ate there with his wife and found out it was a fancy Four Seasons Restaurant, instead of a commissary for the workers!

He wanted his work enjoyed by everyman, not just the rich.  What a luxury.

To be continued.     

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