Monday, April 15, 2013

Getting Back To "Normal"

When I got back from New York my head was full of all the killer things we did.  The rest of me was a little haggard.  My skin was cracking off, my feet were calloused and I felt all puffy and weird. It was slow going, getting back into the swing of things.

However, a few things helped a lot.

I got a massage at "Relax Feet," which is a misnomer.  For one thing, they massage all of you... for and hour... for $20... and...  best of all, you keep all your clothes on.  I love it.

Also, I have been making and eating yummy protein, veggie and fruity meals and snacks from Melissa Joulwan's cookbook "Well Fed".  I feel less puffy, a lot clearer headed and  best of all less grumpy!

I got into the studio, where I got a little... very little, painting done this week.  

I started this a while ago.  M saw it and now she wants it.  I guess I have to finish it.
I started it on a lark. 
The photograph image of M.'s cutesy pose is what caught my eye.  Because of her expression and pose, I knew attempting to paint it, could result in either a crazy, over the top, sweet painting, (blah) or a painting with a droll sinister air.   I am hoping for a bit of both.

So far... sinister is winning.

I forgot to include this painting in my New York post.  

It made me crack up.  

The artist,  John Baldessari thought it was very funny too.  He thinks it is  even funnier  that it is hanging in the MOMA.  

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