Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Is In The Air And It's Time For A Family Portrait

"Surreal Family"  36"x36" oil on canvas
I don't know what Spring and family portraits have to do with one another.  I just love a non requitur and I think family portraits are funny.  What inspired me was a glimpse of a painting in a movie I saw last week called "The Beginners" with Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer.  The painting was a naive, folk art type portrait with two men  in the midst of a Henri Rousseau type jungle.  The jungle is very stylized and funky.  Then... get this, the two men are wearing... suits.  The incongruousness genius of it, cracked me up.  So it inspired me to do a painting with my daughter Makiko, my boyfriend Tom, Elmo (the dog), and me, all wearing bikinis.   (Okay, only Elmo is wearing a bikini, but you can't see it.)  Okay, no bikinis, but we are all wearing smiles and yes that is a smile on Tom's face.  Smiles are another incongruous  thing in a painted portrait because who wants to paint teeth?

I am making this painting huge too.  36"x36" same size as the "Tanker" painting.  Stay tuned, there's more to come if I don't f@*$ it up.
beginning Sketch

"The Dream" by Henri Rousseau 260 × 176


  1. Oh cool! I love this painting! Leave the painting just like that .:) I love the blue color you use on the background. Please don't change it to grey haha

  2. That is weird, you read my mind. I just made the background blue and was worried it was too bright. I have a tend to gravitate to gray!

  3. Love this! I feel you have really captured your lovely world and your relation to it shines through in this piece. Definitely felt the Rousseau. An exciting departure!

  4. I love this painting too! Don't cover it up. it looks perfect with the blue--and everyone looks good except you which is kind of cool like you're making fun of yourself. Elmo looks really good!